Grass Cutters – Mowers

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Pre-Shift Operation:

Fluid Levels, Wheels-Rollers, Brakes, Instruments, Lights, Flashing Beacon, Hydraulics, Safety Devices, Steering, Power Take-Off, Couplings, No Debris in Cutters, Guards in Place. (As per operator manual)

Ride On Machines:

  • Drove Machine in Forward and Reverse Motions. Safely, with due regard to site conditions and other users
  • Safely Mowed/Cut an area of grass to the criteria set by the Examiner/Site Agent under normal working conditions and other site users.
  • Using Correct Cutting Depth Setting
  • Using Collection Facility where Required

Cutting Near Highways:

Observed safe working methods including:

  • Placing correct road signs to warn that cutting operations were taking place.
  • Cordoning off an area using barriers to keep pedestrians outside the working area.
  • Using a Banksman / Look Out to warn pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles that cutting is in progress.

End of Shift Procedures:

Parked machine safely on firm level ground, disengaged power take-off, removed ignition key, cleaned cutters, re-fuelled, checked for defects, left machine safe and secure.