Hand Held Hedge Trimmer

Course Objectives

It is envisaged that by the end of this course of training the learner will be able to answer questions on and perform the following:

  • Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and their responsibilities as an operator
  • Have a working knowledge of the manufacturer’s handbook for the particular machine to be used
  • Be able to locate and identify the major components of the machine and explain their functions
  • Be able to locate and identify key controls and their functions
  • Conduct all pre-operational and running checks in accordance with manufacturer’s and legislative requirements
  • Select suitable type of machine relative to the work being undertaken
  • Identify and maintain PPE appropriate for hedge trimmer use
  • Prepare the hedge trimmer for use
  • Conduct all necessary safety checks at the work area
  • Operate machinery safely and efficiently
  • Have an awareness of working at different heights
  • Environmental considerations
  • Storage and transport of hand held trimmers
  • Disposal of trimmed materials
  • Carry out all end of shift and shut down procedures

The learning outcomes listed should not be considered in isolation and may be added to in order to accurately reflect the learner’s duties and working environment.