National Water Hygiene Scheme

National Water Hygiene Scheme

Industry wide hygiene awareness required for entry to sites with Restricted Operations. Deals with health, hygiene and potential contamination issues for working on potable water sites whether fixed (eg. water treatment works) or transient works on the water network. Often referred to as the “blue card”.

Utility Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (Core)

CSCS Affiliated

Utility Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (Water)

  • Water Network
  • Water Processes
  • Sewerage Network

CSCS Affiliated

Scottish Water DOMS

Scottish Water’s decision in April 2014 entails that “cherry-picking” modules based on the nature of your work is no longer valid. All 12 core DOMS module must be sat. To achieve a DOMS card, candidates must also have a valid, in-date EUSR National Water Hygiene Scheme card. Both courses are typically run in a one day session.

Core Modules course (4 hrs)

DOMS 01: Hygiene Code of Practice

DOMS 02: Sampling Procedures

DOMS 03: Hygienic Use of Tools & Equipment

DOMS 04: Disinfection Procedure

DOMS 05: Repair & Maintenance Procedures

DOMS 06: Boundary Valve Management

DOMS 07: Treated Water Storage Points

DOMS 08: Repair of Mains & Services

DOMS 09: Secondary Disinfection – Treated Water Storage

DOMS 10: Pumping Stn Failures – Electrical & Mechanical

DOMS 11: General Maintenance Activities

DOMS 12: Network Operability



DOMS 13: Sampling – Advanced Practitioner as a specialised course can be arranged via our training provider and is a separate, one day course for a maximum of 12 candidates.


DOMS Recertification Course

The old DOMS Recertification course no longer applies as the core modules 1-12 course is renewed every 3 years. Anyone seeking recertification will sit the full revised course.