Tele-handler Suspended Loads Endorsement for Experienced operators

Area Required:

Flat level surface for all travelling and manoeuvring activities with a suspended load

Equipment Required:

  • Applicable lifting accessories for attaching all suspended loads to the hook

  • Items to create restrictions for manoeuvring

  • Slinger/signaller assistance

  • Structure or below-ground level location for placing a load out-of-sight of the operator

Loads Required:

1 x load at least 50% of the rated capacity* of the telehandler

1 x load being a minimum of 3 metres in length

2 x equal-sized loads (width and length) for stacking purposes

Who Do We Recommend Attends The Course?

All personnel completing lifting operations with a Tele-handler

Additional Requirements:

A lift plan must be devised by a competent person and available for reference by the operator. When devising the plan, consideration must be taken to ensure that:

  • there is sufficient clearance between the load and front of the machine to account for load swing which may require (depending on model) the fitment of a jib

  • boom extension is sufficient to ensure clearance between the telehandler chassis and load but no more than needed

  • that the length of the lifting accessories minimises the travel height of the boom whilst not exceeding the included angle of the accessory

  • hand lines are specified to allow appropriate external control of the load whilst keeping the slinger/signaller clear of the machine’s travel path.

Health & Safety Training / Testing

Health & Safety Test Specific to your chosen category MUST be passed before a CPCS Technical Test can be Taken.

Testing / Certification

All candidates will complete the Full (Theory & Practical) CPCS Technical Test and on successful completion – endorsement E will be added the operators blue CPCS card.