Appointed Person – Cranes

The Aim of the Course is to:

Train selected personnel in the skills and knowledge needed to carry out the duties of the

Appointed Person as defined in BS7121 Part 1 1998.

The Objectives of the Course are to enable delegates to:

Be able to carry out the planning, selection of cranes, personnel and lifting equipment necessary for the management of the lifting operation to the required standard as defined in BS 7121 Code of Practice Part 1 (General) 1989.

Who Do We Recommend Attends The Course?

All personnel who are responsible for the selection and planning of the use of cranes.

Course Summary

Candidates will participate in theory lessons all of which are highlighted by the use of OHP & Videos covering;

  • Current relevant regulations

  • Stability

  • Rigging and reeving

  • Automatic safe load indicators

  • Multi crane lifting

  • Marking of safe working loads Establishing load weight, selection of slings, centre of gravity

  • Wire rope slings

  • Lifting gear

  • British standard codes of practice

  • CP 3010 and BS 7121

  • Standard terminology Control of lifting operations Duties of the appointed person

  • Management of the lifting operation Planning of the lifting operation Selection and duties of personnel Minimum attributes of personnel NPORS Technical Test

Course Duration

4 Days – This includes the NPORS Technical Test

Health & Safety Training / Testing

If the Health & Safety Test is Successfully completed & passed prior to taking the NPORS Assessment this will be added to the operator card.

Testing / Certification

All candidates will complete the Full (Theory & Practical) NPORS Technical Test and on successful completion will be issued with a NPORS Operators Card

Companies who are CITB Levy Payers can claim grants to cover some of the costs of the training.