H&S and Environment

Good health and safety practice helps protect your business and employees from injury – this is probably most prevalent in the construction and large Plant industries. There are many ways that an employer and employee can ensure that they comply with the legal requirements of health and safety, and Forde Training Services have a wide variety of courses to raise awareness and skills.

Along with personal health and safety, Forde Training Services also provide a number of environmental awareness courses that deal with health, hygiene and risk within particular environments, from water contamination, to quarry and fire.

Forde Training Services deliver Health and Safety Courses throughout CITB accreditation.  We can deliver a suite of Site Safety Plus Courses, which are certificated by CITB.

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What are CSCS Cards?

CSCS is the leading skills certification body for construction within the UK. CSCS Cards provide proof that any persons working on a construction site is competent and trained to work within a specific environment and holds the appropriate qualifications to do so.

A database of all CSCS Card holders is held by the CSCS Scheme and although it is not a legislative requirement to hold a card, most principle contractors and major house builders will specify the requirement to hold a CSCS Card before they allow any employees or sub-contractors on-site.


What types of CSCS Cards are there?

There are 12 different CPCS Cards available, each with 12 different colours and representing a different level of competence and accreditation.

GREEN CSCS Cards: This is the most basic site skills card for a general labourer. To attain this card you will require an employer’s recommendation.

BLUE CSCS Cards (Semi-Skilled Worker): Once a candidate has completed an apprenticeship or have gained their SVQ or NVQ level 2 along with a certificate from City of Guilds, they will be awarded their Blue CSCS Card.

GOLD CSCS Cards (Skilled Worker): Once a candidate has achieved an employer sponsored apprenticeship or SVQ or an NVQ level 3 along with an Advance Craft Certificate from the City and Guilds they may be awarded the Gold CSCS Card.

GOLD CSCS Cards (Supervisor): If a candidate has already achieved the SVQ or NVQ Level 3 or involved in the supervisor occupation the Gold CSCS Card may be awarded.

BLACK CSCS Cards (Senior Manager): The Black CSCS Card is for those people who have a manager or senior manager position and have achieved level 4 or 5 in Site Management.

YELLOW/WHITE CSCS Cards (Professionally Qualified Person (PQP)): The PQP card is for professionals who are responsible for areas of health and safety such as architects, engineers, consultants and surveyors.

WHITE CSCS Cards (Construction Related Occupation (CRO)): The White CSCS Card (CRO) details the occupation of the cardholder. This card is mainly for the people who have construction related occupations not covered by the other categories of card.

YELLOW CSCS Cards (Regular Visitor): The yellow Regular Visitor CSCS Card is for people who visit construction sites, but don’t have any construction site skill.

RED CSCS Cards (Trainee): The Red CSCS card is mainly for the people who have not achieved the SVQ or NVQ level 2 or 3 or for those who have registered with a college for the construction related qualification.

RED CSCS Cards (GRADUATE: Technical, Supervisory and Management): This card is for those who have completed qualifications related to construction from a nationally recognised education college. This card is valid for three years.

RED CSCS Cards (EXPERIENCED: Technical, Supervisory and Management): This card is available to everyone who has relevant job experience of at least one year. After achieving NVQ or SVQ, the card is issued on a temporary basis. This card is also valid for three years.

RED CSCS Cards (Experienced Worker): This card is only issued to candidates with one years experience and received the NSQ or SVQ. This card is valid for one year. To attain the Red CSCS Card (Experienced Worker) you will have to complete the CSCS test containing 35 questions in the time limit of 45 minutes.


How can I do a CSCS H&S Test?

Applying for a CSCS Card is a straight forward process and Forde Training Services can assist you in any part of this, along with providing any training that you may require to meet the standards of the CSCS Test. Once you have identified the correct level of CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test that is required for your occupation (https://www.cscs.uk.com/card-finder/) you will then need to pass and confirm your qualification with CSCS.

You can speak with any of our team at Forde Training to discuss the requirements of the tests and to arrange a slot to sit the test(s). Once you have passed the appropriate tests and confirmed the results with CSCS, your card will be posted out to you.


CSCS Card renewals and refresher courses

Forde Training Services provide a Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) Refresher course, which is 2 days instead of 5 days.
Forde Training Services can offer a package to renew your CSCS Card where we provide the online HS&E Test and CSCS Card application for the candidate.


How much does a CSCS Card Course cost?

The cost of the online CSCS Card test with Forde Training is £35. But a candidate must also either pass a 1-day Safety Awareness Course to gain a Labourer Card or achieve a relevant SVQ in their chosen occupation to get the blue CSCS card.


Who needs to attend a Health and Safety (H&S) Training Course?

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) provides a huge amount of guidance on health and safety requirements within construction and other industries. Policies for health and safety are normally required for business of 5 or more employees and it is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that the business complies and therefore there is the need in many cases for employees to have completed certain levels of competence in Health and Safety Courses.

Forde Training Services can even provide the Site Safety Plus Courses off site at a clients premises, although they are still delivered in a classroom based manner. This is a 5 day course, which provides project managers, site managers and supervisors, business proprietors and client-based personnel with the knowledge and skills to enable them to ensure healthy and safe conditions for construction site employees.