Marketing & Communication Intern

Hello! My name is Sukraj Singh, and I am the Marketing & Communication Intern for 10 weeks during the summer.

I am a student at Glasgow Caledonian University studying International Business & Marketing. I have just completed an erasmus exchange programme in Bordeaux, France. This opportunity has given me a greater insight into the diverse multi-cultural business school environment and the French business culture.

I first came across Forde Training Services through the careers service page of GCU where they advertise a summer internship for 10 weeks. Being on exchange in France I realised the importance of doing an internship as you can gain valuable experience within your field of study. All of the French students are required to do an internship as part of their studies, and many other exchange students I have met had already completed an internship. This encouraged me to apply for the internship at Forde Training Service as I can gain hands on valuable experience that you cannot get from when you are only studying. The internship offered creative freedom and responsibility which is what attracted me towards it.

The opportunity I have been given at Forde Training Services is to take control of their marketing. I am in charge of all social media platforms where I create and decide on what content to publish. My focus is developing a marketing strategy to increase their brand awareness, I am hoping to make a noticeable change for Forde Training Services.