Safe Support for Excavations

The Aim of the Course is to:

Provide the candidates with the knowledge and practical skills involved in the safe support of excavations.

The Objectives of the Course are to enable delegates to:

 Learn the various methods of safe support to excavations using traditional and proprietary systems.

 Overcome site condition problems

 Erect trench sheets or timbers

 Backfill and consolidate

Who Do We Recommend Attends The Course?

All personnel who could be involved in the placement of supports for excavations.

Course Summary

Candidates will participate in theory lessons and practical demonstrations / exercises:

 Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations

 Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations

 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

 Other current relevant regulations

 Overcome problems caused by ground conditions and services

 Strike supports with due regard to safety

 Consolidation and backfilling

 Safe working practices

 Identification of hazards associated with excavations

 Effects of weathering

 Recognition of rock and soil structures

 Hand or mechanical means of excavation

 Erection of trench sheets or timbers to shallow or medium depth trenches using pinchers and close sheeting methods

Course Duration

1 – 4 days depending on requirement of the customer.


Forde Training Services Attendance Certificate